Thursday, Nov 2nd " Flooding and the future, how we balance natures impacts on the Big Wood River
Program Schedule 2017 - 2018


When: 1st Thursday of the month: Unless otherwise noted!!

Time: 5:00 – 7:00 PM 

Where: Whiskey Jacques 521 Main St, Ketchum, ID

Guest speakers present local and global fishing opportunities, discuss tactics and stewardship practices

Learn about opportunities to participate in local projects and conservation efforts.

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This Months Program:

" Flooding and the Future, Balancing Natures Impacts on the Big Wood river

Thursday Nov 2nd, 2017 ;  5:00 pm- 7:00

Presenters : Larry Schoen, Blaine County Commissioner   

Mark Davidson, Director of Conservation Initiatives (former TU Idaho Water Project Manager)


 The Big Wood River is the lifeblood of our community.  An aqueous artery, which provides for so many of the things we love about the Wood River Valley. The spring of 2017 resulted in dramatic changes to the Big Wood River from record runoffs resulting in the established pathways of the river to be altered.  While extended high water flows resulted in a flushing of sediment, scouring of new holes and additions of large woody debris, which all are beneficial for the river, the flooding also resulted in damage to property, homes, infrastructure and the disruption of peoples lives.

The Hemingway Chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU) is conducting a series of its programs on issues concerning the Big Wood River.  In October, a program titled “what we are doing to protect and preserve the Big Wood river”, we looked at the history of the Big Wood river, observing how the past practices of removing large woody debris, river front development and  straightening of the river through the armoring of river banks resulted increased flood damage because the river had lost its ability to move into the flood plain resulting in increased speed of water movement and impacting property and homes downstream.  The flooding was beneficial to the river and how Trout Unlimited and the Wood river Land Trust plans to move forward with projects which will enhance the river to create an even healthier river system, based upon a in depth study of the Big Wood river and plan created as part of the Big Wood River Initiative

The November program will focus on “ Flooding and the Future” addressing the problem of how can we balance Natures impacts on the Big Wood river.  We are privileged to have Mark Davidson, Director of Conservation Initiatives (former TU Idaho Water Project Manager) and Larry Schoen, Blaine County Commissioner, speak to this issue. 

The issue of maintaining a healthy and sustainable river ecosystem within a community is complex, as are its solutions.  There are a diverse group of stakeholders impacted and we have to deal with the result past decisions implemented which effect our present situation.

This is certain to be an informative and interesting evening, come and join in the conversation.

Trout Unlimited's mission is to protect, reconnect, restore and sustain our cold water fisheries and habitat.  The Hemingway chapter holds free monthly meetings and presentations from October through May of each year. 





Program Schedule 2017 - 2018


Thursday, October 5             5:00-7:00 PM 

Keri York, Trout Unlimited, Big Wood Project Manager

Scott Boettger, Wood River Land Trust, Executive Director

“Home Waters Initiative, What We’re Doing to Preserve and Protect the Big Wood River”


Thursday, November 2            5:00-7:00 PM

Mark Davidson, Nature Conservancy, Director of Conservation Initiatives

Larry Schoen, Blaine County Commissioner

“Flooding and the Future, How we Balance Nature’s Impact on the Big Wood”


Thursday, December 7             5:00-7:00 PM

Ed Cumins, Angling Aficionado

“Bonefishing Christmas Island”


Thursday, January 4                5:00-7:00 PM

Russ Thurow, USFS Fisheries Research Scientist, Rocky Mountain Station

Dan Dauwalter PhD, Trout Unlimited, Fisheries Scientist

“The Big Wood River, the Impacts of Flooding from a Historical Perspective”


Thursday, February 1                 5:00-7:00 PM

Chris Gerono, Fishing Guide, Idaho Angler, Boise

“Fishing Oregon’s Owyhee River” 


Thursday, March 1                      5:00-7:00 PM   

Greg Loomis, Executive Director, Silver Creek Alliance

“News from Silver Creek”


Thursday, April 5                         5:00-7:00 PM           

Rick Kapala, SVSEF, Cross Country Program Director, , retired fishing guide

“Big Wood River Entomology”


Thursday, May 3                          5:00-7:00 PM

Cassie Wood, Trout Unlimited, Central Idaho Project Specialist

“Restoring the Yankee Fork Salmon”



Thursday, Nov 2nd " Flooding and the future, how we balance natures impacts on the Big Wood River

Events: Picnic & women's Initiative

On Saturday, June 17th, at 5:00 PM, the Hemingway Chapter will held our Annual Summer Picnic.  The Nature Conservancy graciously allows us to use the Stalker Creek Cabin at the Silver Creek Preserve, for our picnic site.  We enjoyed the  beauty of this special place, food and friendship.  Hemingway Trout Unlimited provided the BBQ main course and non alcoholic beverages.  Those who attendtare to brought  wonderful side dishes, salds or desserts. We always share some delicious and unique foods and conversation.

Thank you to those who joined us for a few hours of story telling and comraderie.

A special thanks to Woody and Carmen for planning and organizing the event and to Sunny Healey  and theTNC for letting us use this special place. 









July was a busy month for the Hemingway TU women’s group.  Seven fisherwomen travelled to Montana to the beautiful Missouri River and fished for 6 days.  We enjoyed instruction from some of the best local guides and experts on the river. Dry fly fishing produced big bows on caddis emergers.  Nymphing with the “two bit hooker”enticed some big browns and rainbows in the “Land of the Giants.”  We stayed locally in Craig and frequented the local fly shops and restaurants.  We had such a great timethat we are already booked for July 9-13 next year!  If you are a female angler and might like to join us please email Jill at

Wounded Veterans Fishing Day

On July 10 & 1, 2016 members from the Hemingway Chapter of Trout Unlimited  along with Support from Sun Valley Higher Ground  and Ted Trueblood Chapter of TU in Boise, hosted a Veterans flyfishing weekend.

Seven Veterans came out and participated in the weekend event.  There was casting instruction from certified Casting instructors, a single fly competition held at Hayspur Hatchery, with flies selected from donations made by Hemingway chapter fly tiers.  After the single fly competition, the veterans were taken out with volunteer guides to local the local waters to catch some trout and then return to a BBQ Dinner and casting completion on the RR Ranch.  The camaraderie and excitement of these veterans to be able to get out and fly-fish was contagious.   Special recognition goes out to Mark Milkovich who coordinated and ran the event, to Higher ground for funding the event,  Our many thanks to Jan Milkovich, John and Wanda Vladimiroff for organizing and preparing the BBQ, To Dustin Algers for recruiting volunteer guides from the Boise TU Chapter, to Bob Law for photos, to Carmen and Ed Northen for provide their casting instructor skills. 

This is the first Event we have held as a TU Chapter and it went well.  If anyone is interested in participating and helping these veteran on future events please contact Mark Milkovich at