Saturday, May, 5 Big Wood River River Clean-up
Program Schedule 2017 - 2018

Outings & Education:

Outings are an opportunity to spend time and build camaraderie with others who enjoy Flyfishing.  Whether you are a beginner or accomplished Flyfisher the outings provide an opportunity to learn new skills or share your knowledge.  We hope you will join us on an outing.


Education:  Helping others learn and enjoy flyfishing is to give an incredible  gift.  In the education process the Protect, Reconnect and Restore message is shared resulting in the sustain coponent of our mission.  People learn how valuable cold water fisheries and their habitat are to their lives, communities and the nation.  It is through  education we instill in present and future generations, a passion to conserve cold water fisheries. 




Flyfishing: Magic Reservoir

When: TBA - 

Where: Meet at Atkinsons Market Parking lot, in Bellevue

Magic Reservoir  is  a great place to fish in the spring.  This lake is a local underused resource and provides the opportunity to catch some really large trout.  Float Tubes and Pontoon Boats can be used or Fish from shore.  Floating and Sink tip lines and 5 or 6 wt rods recommended with a variety of still water flies. 

If you are a novice come along and we will team you up with a more experienced angler to help mentor you.

Please RSVP Woody Friedlander at  so we do not leave anyone behind.




Each year Hemingway TU provides various opportunities to educate youth in the Wood River Valley.  Last year we worked with approximately 150 kids teaching them the value of habitat and conservation, as well as how to fish. Silver Creek Outfitters generously supports these efforts through donation of fishing gear.  Recently we had a donation of 2 youth flyrods combo's  By Sage/Reddington and we purchased 16 more at cost.  This added to the 4 flyrod combos donated by LL Bean will allow us to expose Youth to flyfishng and catch and release  fishing. 

Youths spend the day at the Hayspur Fish Hatchery where they are given a tour of the Hatchery, learn about trout, are taken on a Bird walk and taught how to identify birds, play a game that teaches about ecology/ conservation and are taught how to catch and release fish with fly rods. We partner with Idaho Fish and Game who lead the Hatchery tours and stock the pond with rainbow trout, to ensure many bent rods and smiling faces.

 For more information or to be part of this great effort please please contact:

Bob Knoebel Chairman, Youth Education
Trout Unlimited, Hemingway Chapter at  720-0005

Below are the events we will hold in 2017:

Alturas Elementary School:  June 2, 2017

Hemingway TU members play an important role in teaching kids to fish and to appreciate our environment. Volunteers helped to SUSTAIN the sport we love by sharing our skills. We  will spend the day with 60 graduating fifth graders from the Alturas Elementary School many who are first time anglers! The day will included fishing, birding , games and a tour of the hatchery (thanks Jamie Mitchell and your staff at Hayspur!)  These enthusiastic kids are certain to have a great day as they  catch a trout and then releasing it to watch it swim away. Volunteers always experience a reward for their efforts when they see the smiles on the faces of these kids. 

Higher Ground Adaptive Sports:  June 21, 2017

This outing is always a success,  A thrill for these youngsters to be able to catch and release Rainbow Trout , see Birds and play some games that help the learn about the environment and go through a tour of the Trout hatchery.  Come out and volunteer to take some kids fishng. Always a lot of fun for both the kids and the volunteers.   Contact Bob Knoebel, Chairman, Youth Education, 720-0005

YMCA: June 22,  2017

 Last year we hada very successful event, Lots of large fish caught on flies and released, resulting in Big Smiles on the faces of these ambitious anglers.  Owls, Yellow Warblers, northern Harriers and Red Wing Black birds, were  just a few of the bird sightings, and a fun and educational tour of the Fish Hatchery by Brad and the IDFG crew.  We hope to repeat this great day again this year.


Youth Leadership

Enrique Dolores, a sophomore at Wood River High School, has been selected by Trout Unlimited to attend their annual Youth Leadership Conference to be held June 19-23 at Georgetown Lake Montana.  Enrique was chosen among applicants from all over the country in recognition of his 6 years of volunteer service to the Hemingway Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  A member of the National Honor Society as well as the lacrosse and soccer teams at the high school, Enrique also serves on the Board of Directors of the local Trout Unlimited chapter as a Youth Advisor. 





Youth Philanthropy: 

Thanks to the generosity of the Wood River Foundation, Louise Stumph from Wow Students, Erika Greenberg, Spanish teacher at WRHS and Mrs Greenberg's level 5 Spanish class, a check for $500.00 was donated today to the Hemingway Chapter of Trout Unlimited in recognition of their conservation efforts throughout the Wood River Valley. Wow Students is a nonprofit organization that promotes good works and "growing the next generation of generosity." Students from Mrs. Greenberg's class chose Trout Unlimited after extensive research into valley non profits to determine the best recipient for their generosity.
Accepting the check on behalf of the Hemingway Chapter, is long time board member Bob Knoebel, and new TU board member Enrique Dolores, a Sophomore at WRHS. The funds donated will be used to support the chapter's Youth Education Program.  New flyrods and supplies will be purchased to benefit the more than 100 kids chapter volunteers teach to flyfish each year, ensuring the future of the sport we love and inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

 TU Educational  Scholarships :

The Hemingway Chapter is in the process of establishing an Educational grant  for students seeking education in areas of conservation.  The amount and exact parameters are yet to be determined but below (in two pages ) is the grant applicaton and criteria we expect to use.  applicatoins may be submitted to Jill Clark @


Trout Unlimited Hemingway Chapter

Education Enhancement Grant

Grant Application Deadline:  Quarterly (January 1, April 1, June 1, September 1)

Grant Process and Requirements:

1.     Any Trout Unlimited Hemingway Chapter member may submit a grant for consideration, up to $500, by the application deadline.

2.     The Education Enhancement Grant Committee will review the grant applications and score them according to the pre-established rubric.

3.     The Education Enhancement Grant Committee will select grants based on rubric scores and the amount of funds available for distribution.

4.     If selected, the grant recipient will be notified by email or phone call by the committee chairman.

5.     Funds will be distributed by check by the treasurer of the chapter.

6.     If a grant is not used as outlined within 1 year of notification, the grant will expire and the funds will remain in the TU Education Enhancement grant account to be awarded to another applicant.


Current Committee Members:

Jill Clark ,111 Labrador Lane, Bellevue, ID,, 208-788-9187

Alan Richardson

Bob Knoebel






Trout Unlimited Hemingway Chapter

Education Enhancement Grant


Date: _____________________________________  

Name : _____________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________

Telephone Number: _______________________


Project/Program Title: ______________

Project Timeline: _________________


Describe the project/program for which you are applying.  (Attach flyers or documentation if applicable.)


How does this project support Trout Unlimited’s mission statement of “Protect,  Reconnect, Restore, Sustain.”


Who will this grant benefit and how?


What do you intend to purchase or pay for? Please include documentation that supports the purchase price (websites, brochures, etc.) attached to this application.


If this grant request is for partial funding of a project, what is the total budget, how is the money allotted and what will be the source of the additional funding?


How will you evaluate the outcomes/success of the project?


How and by what date will you communicate with the Board of Hemingway’s TU Chapter about the successes of your project?



Applicant Signature:  ___________________________________________________________________





Adopt A Trout:  Held Tuesday Oct 30th 

Location:  The Broadford Road bridge/access in Bellevue ( south Bridge)        

Volunteers from Hemingway TU, Idaho Fish and Game, EPA met along with  teachers, students, and parents from the Pioneer Montessori school, to participate in this pilot program to get youths involved in Trout and environmental education.  Twenty-five trout were captured using an electro shocker, measured, weighed, had a transmitter surgically placed in them and put in  recovery cage overnight. The next morning all of the trout were healthy, doing well and were released back into the Big Wood River.  The Children from the Montessori school gave names to each of the fish such as Big Franz for a large brown trout,  Sparkle for a beautiful rainbow trout etc, becoming personally attached to them.  The students also logged onto a tracking sheet the number and name of each trout along with specifics about the trout and will track the movement of the trout over the next six months to see where they go in the river. This was a successful first event and we look forward to see the results of the fish movement in the Big Wood River, canals and bypasses.  

What is Adopt-a-Trout?
TU’s Adopt-a-Trout (AaT) program is a placed-based educational experience catered to elementary school students. AaT programs are focused on engaging students by putting them on the ground; up close and personal with cold water fish and their habitats. The goal of AaT is to ensure that students become active citizens in their community and future stewards of local resources. AAT keeps the focus and attention of students by emphasizing hands-on, real world learning. AaT programs do this by:

  • Inspiring students’ curiosity and interest in trout, their habitat, and aquatic ecosystems.
  • Partnering students with biologists and resource professionals on research and science projects.
  • Exposing students to future aquatic restoration activities and projects.
  • Providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to have fun fishing.